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Property Gallery is a leading real estate provider in Bali, Australia, Singapore and Europe.
The company, established in 2003, is well versed when it comes to residential and commercial real estate and boasts unrivaled growth. A unique combination of experience and ability gives clients access to real estate expertise of the highest caliber. Property Gallery focus on a distinct group of clients, and therefore we offer a first-class service to individuals and organizations alike.
In addition to our real estate services we offer property development, architectural consultancy and business brokerage.

Our sister company, Asia Superyachts , is Asia’s leading yacht broker providing luxury yacht charter and yacht sales.


Building for Tomorrow. Tackling Environmental Impact in Bali.
Property Gallery announces the introduction of a progressive new initiative to encourage environmental responsibility in the real estate industry.

Labelled the “Building for Tomorrow Initiative,” Property Gallery is offering property developers a reduction in its fees for selling any property that fulfils a number of specific eco-friendly criteria. Properties which can boast solar water heating systems, solar power generation, water recycling, use of recycled wood and timber from sustainable sources are amongst those which will benefit from the initiative.

A spokesman for Property Gallery commented, “This is a first of its kind in Bali and it’s a win/win situation. Property buyers are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment whilst property developers are understandably concerned about costs. Our initiative aims to encourage developers to adopt building and construction practices with environmental sustainability in mind whilst limiting the impact not only to the environment but also to the bottom line. The climate change issue is one of huge significance and is an issue we felt we could not ignore. By working together within our industry we hope that we can make a positive impact.“

Building account for a significant portion of the worlds Co2 emissions. According to the US Energy Administration statistics “unknowingly the architecture and building community is responsible for almost half of all US greenhouse gas emissions annually. Globally the percentage is even greater.” In Indonesia the problem is compounded by rampant deforestation taking away an ecosystem essential for stabilising the amount of Co2 in the atmosphere.

We feel that the initiative is a common sense move for a company such as Property Gallery to incentivise the transformation of an industry responsible for such prevalent environmental impact.

Please contact us for further information on the “Building for the Future Initiative“.

Property Gallery is a Bali based real estate agency specialising in luxury villas and land.

For more information please contact Property Gallery on +62 (0361) 769 098 or visit


Environmental Responsibility Policy

At Property Gallery we take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously.  Climate change is the issue of our time and we feel that it is up to us as individuals and businesses to make a difference wherever possible.  Our Environmental Responsibility Policy is designed to encourage our clients, the developers of  homes in Bali to build environmentally responsible homes aimed at reducing their impact on the environment.

1% Discount in Fees

We, of course, recognise that it often takes resources and money to make a home truly environmental responsible and as a result we are offering to our clients a discount in our fees of 1% for the sale of a new home which fulfils our environmental responsibility criteria:

In order to qualify for the discount the home must fulfil at least 5 of the following criteria:

  1. Use of a solar power water heating system
  2. Use of a solar power electricity generating system
  3. Use of a water recycling system for waste water
  4. Double glazing on all exterior windows
  5. Use of a rainwater collection and storage system
  6. Use cavity wall insulation
  7. Planting of at least 1 new tree per are around the home
  8. Use of condensing water heaters instead of hot water storage tank
  9. Minimal use of natural wood


Property Gallery Office

Change comes from within so at the Property Gallery we will make changes to our own office environment in order to minimise our impact on the environment (and to save money too!)

  1. Air conditioning units will be run at 21 degrees.  (up 3 degrees from the standard 18 degrees).
  2. All light bulbs will be changed to low energy fluorescent bulbs and will be turned off at night.
  3. We will train our drivers in responsible driving to minimise fuel use and emissions.
  4. We will train our staff to switch off appliances, computers etc at the end of each day.
  5. We will train our staff not to leave appliances on constant charge throughout the day.

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Don’t just take our work for it, read what our customers have to say about us

“Property Gallery made comfortable the usually uncomfortable process of being a first time buyer of property in a foreign land. All the preliminaries were done and checked. They had neutralized all our concerns and facilitated the negotiations to the convenience of both transacting parties. Always patiently accommodating all our sometimes demanding requests with smiles and laughter, the Property Gallery team were most professional and courteous throughout the process, which can sometimes take quite a while. We always had the confidence that our interests were well taken care of. An absolute pleasure to work with.”